Plan ahead.

Estate planning is rarely solely about money. Rather, estate planning is about your family and friends left behind. Your estate plan should be just that – yours. Nobody likes to think about their own death; however, creating an estate plan now can give you peace of mind that your life’s work will be protected at your death. Being prepared now in your estate plan will save your loved ones stress and worry in the uncertainty of death.

Whether you are at the start of your career and earnings potential, just started a family, are contemplating retirement, or have been retired for years, it is never too early to establish your estate plan. It can, however, be too late. Together, we will discuss your end-of-life options and evaluate your current assets and future potential to develop an estate plan specific to your needs. Your estate plan may involve only a Last Will & Testament or it may involve Wills, a Living/Family Trust, and Powers of Attorney documents – but it will be specific your needs and wishes.

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