Drug Offenses

Drug offenses can range from a minor misdemeanor possession charge of marijuana possession to felony charges for possession, cultivation, trafficking, etc. All drug convictions, including minor misdemeanor convictions, can have serious consequences. For instance, a person convicted of illegal use or possession of marijuana drug paraphernalia, a minor misdemeanor usually only punishable by a maximum fine of $150, may also receive a driver’s license suspension of at least six (6) months and not more than five (5) years. If the person convicted is a student, he or she may lose federal student financial aid and if the person is professionally licensed the conviction entry will be sent to the proper licensing and disciplinary board.

Drug related charges often force a person to acknowledge drug dependency issues. In some instances jail or prison time can be avoided through Intervention In Lieu of Conviction (“ILC”). ILC has certain statutory requirements and if those requirements are met and a person is granted ILC, he or she will have the opportunity to have the charges against him or her dismissed. Prior to entering ILC the person must enter a guilty plea to the indictment but the plea and sentencing is held in abeyance. The court will set ILC terms, similar to probation, but that will also often include treatment and counseling. If successfully completed the charges against the person will be dismissed; however, if an ILC term is violated, the court must terminate the ILC and proceed with sentencing on the previously entered guilty plea.

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