OVI Chemical Test Limits

In Ohio a person can be charged with different counts of OVI – one for an “impaired” driving arrest and at least one for an “over-the-limit” violation. Many people know the .08 limit for alcohol but few know that other controlled substances also have limits which, if detected in urine or blood, can lead to an OVI arrest. The “Over The Limit, Under Arrest” campaign limit refers to the chemical test charges and can include any of the substances identified in Ohio law that could impair driving abilities.

The current Ohio limits for substances in a person’s breath, urine, or blood, are listed below. If you have taken, or refused, a breath or other chemical test to determine if you are legally impaired to drive, call the Nicodemus Law Office, LPA, at 740-422-9280 to schedule your consultation.

Test LevelBreathUrineWhole BloodBlood Serum/Plasma
Low Test≥ .08g to < .17g≥ .11g to < .238g≥ .08% to < .17%≥ .096% to < .204%
High Test≥ .17g≥ .238g≥ .17%≥ .204%
SubstanceUrineWhole Blood,Blood Serum, Plasma
Amphetamine≥ 500ng≥ 100ng
Cocaine≥ 150ng≥ 50ng
Cocaine Metabolite≥ 150 ng≥ 50ng
Heroin≥ 2000ng≥ 50ng
Heroin Metabolite≥ 10ng≥ 10ng
LSD≥ 25ng≥ 10ng
Marihuana≥ 10ng≥ 2ng
Marihuana & Under Influence≥ 15ng≥ 5ng
Marihuana Metabolite≥ 35ng≥ 50ng
Methamphetamine≥ 500ng≥ 100ng
Phencyclidine≥ 25ng≥ 10ng